I Adore Paper comes from my appreciation of paper, as the title says. I always bring with me a notebook to write my thoughts on. Scratch papers are the best papers to doodle ideas and designs. I also collect comic strips, stationary, and any paper that is good paper. My text books and school papers are full of drawings and tiny words that usually become a source of embarrassment whenever teachers and schoolmates check or borrow them. But then, I am proud to say that my doodles are getting better and I don’t mind people seeing them anymore (sometimes).

Otherwise, I just like collecting junk and making more junk.


Why the bear? Pooh Bear has been my companion since I was a baby. I always keep it with me, even when I read books. What I read, the bear reads. He is more or less deserving to have a place in this blog. You don’t have too many reading bears.

My Howdunnit page is so much better. It took me ten revisions. Go check it out. Go on. Go on. I need more traffic.

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13 thoughts on “Whodunnit

  1. I read your howdunnit page, and couldn’t comment! Hence the second comment on one page. But it’s really for the howdunnit. I just have to say that the rating system made me laugh, and I’m going to want to hear about ducks now!

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