LAC Review Ghibli and Disney

Film Fridays is where I review films and why you should watch them. This Friday, I invited my 8 and 13-year old cousins, L and A, to watch and review movies with me.

My Neighbor TotoroMY NEIGHBOR TOTORO (1988)

SYNOPSIS: Two kids befriend a cute demon.

L: It was sad. It was dramatic. And the older sister kept leaving her younger sister. She was a useless older sister.

A: It has a connection to our lives in various situations like the older sister who wants to keep her reputation as good as possible. Totoro caught my attention because it is magical and I like how Totoro made the two sisters’ relationship better and encouraged them to be strong despite their mother’s sickness. And I think Studio Ghibli is great for thinking-up the cat bus.

C: One of my beloved childhood films. My Neighbour Totoro is a film that values family and the power of imagination. And I especially love the rural setting.

Wreck-it RalphWRECK-IT RALPH (2012)

SYNOPSIS: A villain doesn’t want to be a villain anymore.

L: It’s about games and teamwork. And you should try and try; practice makes perfect. And you shouldn’t cheat, you shouldn’t bully and wreck things that aren’t yours. And do not judge other people’s decisions. Don’t be reckless.

A: I learned that you shouldn’t be jealous of what someone else has because it could push you in doing things that you shouldn’t be doing and changes you into something you are not. It had me asking questions like do game characters could see us players and stuff and I like the concept of the film where game characters could travel through extensions and die in other games.

C: L and A pretty much described what the movie is and why you should try it out. I’d just add that it’s a really well thought-out movie starring your beloved retro games.

Muppets Most WantedMUPPETS MOST WANTED (2014)

SYNOPSIS: Kermit and the gang travel around the world. Trouble ensures when top-criminal Constantine breaks out of prison.

L: It has lots of romance. It was funny. I didn’t learn anything. It was a joke.

A: Why were the policemen were weak there? They got defeated by a puppet? Whaat? But it’s amazing that they convinced Celine Dion and Usher to join a film like that. And I like the songs. It’s quite catchy and it was so funny.

C: I admit, I watched this move two times and still laughed. A++ film. Deserves an Oscar.

Muppets Most Wanted HD 2014[14-35-53]

Where’s the Usher? Usher! Usher! I need an Usher!

Muppets Most Wanted HD 2014[14-36-33]

Yes, I am the usher.


RatatouilleRATATOUILLE (2007)

SYNOPSIS: An abnormally literate and rat-phobic rat befriends the awkward Linguini and together, they battle against culinary politics.

L: They don’t like rats. It’s weird and unrealistic. The rat was better at cooking than the humans. It’s really unrealistic. Children shouldn’t watch it.

A: I agree to the quote ‘Anyone Can Cook’ because teamwork + hardwork = excellence. I don’t understand how Remy could control Linguni with the strands of his hair. I tried it on myself and it didn’t work. How did they think of that??

C: Sigh. It was an amazing film. No words could describe how awesome it was. Everything was just perfect. It’s a film both kids and adults would love, with an inspiring message to remember. Just wow.


Dreams, Connections, and Love

Weekly Shorts is a segment where I feature short stories. This week, I’m featuring a couple of short animated films I’ve watched this week that you guys ought to check out.

Ohayo by Satoshi Kon

A short film that perfectly captures the feeling of waking up in the morning. Kon has a strong grip on portraying dreams in his films. The amount of detail in this short is astounding and the concept is pretty amazing once you think about it. If you liked this one, you should check out Paranoia Agent, Paprika, and Perfect Blue– all three seams dreams to reality, inspiring the likes of Black Swan and Inception.

Paperman by John Kars

A lovely black-and-white film that merges 2D and 3D elements, set in 1940s New York. It’s a classic love story, but with animation, it transcends into something deeper and poignant, conveying the intimacy in connections and how far one’s feelings could reach.

Heart by Erick Oh

A metaphorical film about love and emotions. I adore films that are open for different interpretations and this one attracts that sort of thinking. The film reminds me of an intense dance with a story. For me, it’s about people who want to be loved but are too selfish to love others; the chaotic emotions selfish love could bring; and the loneliness that follows as consequence. I would love to hear your thoughts about this one.

Have you watched any of these shorts? Know any you would like to share? Just comment below and I’ll check it out!