Review Policy


won’t be finding me here

Hi guys! You’re now at the most boring section of my blog, the Review Policy *throws a bucket of rainbows* I told myself I would never have to do this, particularly because I’m no policy maker (and I can’t keep up with them myself) and I prefer to fling it. Plus policies are generally an ass to make.

But here we are! Let’s cut to the chase and start with the boring stuff:

General Information

I accept one book per month. I will post here if I am open or closed for submissions for the month.

I accept YA, adult, and middle-grade books.

I accept ARCS and prints. I also accept ebooks, but I prioritize them less. Graphic Novels are more than welcome.

I also accept that all of you guys are fab and awesome but I can’t possibly contain all your fabulousness and awesomeness all at the same time. We take things smooth and sloow.


I accept YA, adult, and middle-grade books in the following genres:

  • Fantasy
  • Dystopian
  • Historical Fiction
  • Fairytale Retellings
  • Horror, paranormal, suspense
  • Mystery
  • Romance
  • Hot fanfiction

I DO NOT accept books in the following genres:

  • Self-help
  • Non-fiction
  • Memoirs
  • Poetry
  • Chick-lits
  • Short-story compilations

You can browse around my blog to get a glimpse of my preferences. You could also check-out my Goodreads profile.


I review as I do.

I write honest reviews, may it be negative or positive. I keep my reviews brief and direct-to-the-point.

If it’s possible and alright, I’ll ask you questions about the book so I could understand it better. Once you get a ‘Hullo-there-I-have-a-few-questions-for-you-Arigato-Gonzaimasu’ email, it means I’m currently working on the review and will be needing your help.

Reviews will be posted in this blog and will be automatically posted on Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads.

I usually post reviews a month after I finish the book.

Reviews include

Book Cover & Blurb

My Review. May include pictures of your book (if it’s in print and if I could get our camera fixed), quotes, and images.

Ratings. Check out my Howdunnit page for my star/hunny policy.

Recommended Reads. Similar reads that I (and you!) could recommend to the readers.

About the Author. A short summary about yourself. If you have any social media accounts I could link-up and a short description about yourself at hand, then email it with your book.

Review Request Format

Please include the ff details on the contact form you’ll see at the bottom page:

Name. Introduce yourself of course! And we don’t have to be all businesslike and whatsoever. Be cool. Be yourself bro. A duck ought to be a duck.

Book Blurb. A short synopsis of your book. If it has a goodreads page, you could link it up!

And that’s pretty much all of it! I don’t even have to write a policy. I’ll guide you with further details in my reply and then we could get the party starting.

Please don’t send me the book before I could even accept it. Just don’t.

Guests Posts

I literally just thought up of this. If it’s okay with you, I’ll feature you in a guest/interview post after I read your ARC. This segment will be strictly for those who emailed me for review requests AND whose books I have read.

Giveaways and Promos

If you have any promos and giveaways, then don’t hesitate (I repeat don’t hesitate) in sending me emails. Simply label it Giveaways and Promos and I’ll post it in the blog and share it on FB. I mean, who doesn’t like joining giveaways??  I’ll probably hop in too.