If you came here interested with our cause, then you’re up to a surprise. It’s a book blog! Got you there. Just a friendly warning. This page is a reminder of myself to put my life together. The author shall be questioning her own blog’s existence and answer them herself. Please turn away if insanity is not your thing, otherwise, you are clearly insane as well.

Aren’t all we?

This section shall discuss the following points

  • How does this blog work?
  • How will I make this blog work?
  • What sort of stuff do I review?
  • What’s Up With Your Categories new
  • How do you rate stuff?

This list is as much as a reminder to me of what this blog is supposed to be as it is to familiarize you with the goings of this blog. I started this blog when I was 17 and all I wanted to do was read books and talk about it. I didn’t care about other bloggers so they didn’t care about me.

So, how does this blog work and how will I make it work?

Either Friday, Saturday or Sunday, I review books that I have read. Some may be long lists of novels by the same author and some may be ordinary reviews.

I also have to say that this is false and unreliable information, because I cannot, for my life, keep up with schedules. This is the equivalence of giraffes trying to jump. I try not to think about the impossible because they become less possible. I made that inspiring quote.

The other days are reserved for memes. I check out Bookshelf Fantasies list of memes. You should check it out too if you need something to write about or if you simply want to meet new people. Or if you’re running out of ideas to babble about, the memes shall solve all your worries.

Here are a few I’m interested in participating.

How will I make it work depends on willpower and discipline. I don’t have those two but I swear I will.

What sort of stuff do I review?

Difficult question What does a self-proclaimed bookworm blog about?

Keyboards and whales. It’s all so clear, dammit.

Kidding aside, I blog about books. What sort of books? Mostly fantasy and YA, but that really depends on what I pick up. I like mystery and horror, so there’s those, and a couple of romance.

I watch lots of films and movies as well, mostly those with book counterparts. There’s manga and graphic novels, a few TV series and anime.

And book covers. Yes.

But really, I blog about ducks.  I am serious.

What’s up with your Categories?

If you read my sidebar, you’ll see a bunch of titles like Film Friday, Weekly Shorts, etcetera. I will explain those here, though the titles are pretty much explanatory and I just wanted to have a reason to vainly babble about my blog.

Author Chapters. A review of books written by a specific author.

Weekly Shorts. Featured short stories. No shorts were harmed in these posts. 

Film Friday. Featured films every Friday! It’s a question if I would be able to feature one every Friday, but I’ll try.

Let’s Ramble (soon). For open discussions and talks. I’ve been planning this for awhile and hope I get to hear a bunch of insightful opinions about several topics I’ve been pondering about.

 How do you rate stuff?

I follow Goodreads rating system. Other stuff will also be rated like this. But let’s elaborate how we roll.

the black pit of doom

1 ⋆

These are books that deserve to be thrown to a void of emptiness and despair for eternity. Even God cannot save these books. Fifty Shades of Grey is at the verge of this black hole but only because it was so ridiculous, it deserves a different spectrum.

this piece of rock is far more interesting


Okay books that are not okay. Books shouldn’t be okay. You say okay when you can’t say anything about the subject. You say okay politely when you think a book is horrible. You say okay if you’re fine. You say okay all the time. Okay could be anything.

Okay is boring. Don’t be okay.



The I Like It books. It’s the star between ok and liking it. You like it but something about it doesn’t click. Like when you’re watching Star Wars and you’re not sure if it’s cool or stupid. Recommended books, but with caution.


Really Like It books. These are novels that knows what it’s doing. They know that you’re reading them. These novels value you as much as you value them. These novels crush galaxies and create new worlds. They kill you over and over again. AAHHHHHHHHHH

giphy (1).gif


 I hope you enjoy your stay in my blog. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or an introduction of yourself.

You can post a link of your blog below or posts you think I should check out. I would love to meet new people and see different content. God, I need to sort out my life do I?

Thank you for your time and happy reading!

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