Coming Soon: The Princess and the Frog


The Princess and the Frog by Elizabeth Thornberry

War strikes between the kingdoms of Flavus and Verde. The distant (about 2 blocks away) kingdom of Verde witnesses a tragedy when their beloved prince disappears one night after throwing himself to a swamp. “He was itching for a swim,” said his servant and bestfriend Henry, the last person who had seen the prince.

“Game of Thrones meets The Muppets. Awesome.”

–The New York Times

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Tough Travels- Tradition


I’m doing a meme again and this time, it’s¬†Fantasy Review Barns’s Tough Travels, where we discuss fantasy tropes. Sadly, the site is shutting down but I decided to still do it because it’s pretty fun and new to me.

Today’s topic is TRADITION, a word I usually associate with holidays and superstitions. The Philippines is rich of diverse cultures with¬†religion as a strong driving force for traditions to live on. We have all sorts of festivals for saints and nature. We celebrate the Holy Week, Ramadan, All Souls Day and Chinese New Year all together, bonded by fixed holidays for each occasion.

Today, the sort of Tradition we are going to talk about are events with capital letters in each word; occasions usually celebrated by a community. Here are a couple of Traditions in novels I’ve read. Continue reading