“2015”, I ponder as I face my computer screen

I’m joining the rush of the year-end. Now what did happen that I must extend?

This year was a turmoil of long books and series. I discovered Hobb and King– got swept with their epics.


I found myself returning to Sir Pratchett and the Miss Grimes, whose books I cherished for a good long time.

I read 29 novels, all 15, 640 pages. The Stand was the longest, reading it was my conquest.


I challenged myself to read 25 books. The last time I checked, I’ve finished 29 books.


I started blogging again, a bit of a time, until I decided to make it a lasting lifetime.


I did something meta

I started writing a story, of a girl without glory. She walks on the streets, selling flowers so she could eat.


art by Rommel Joson

It was a year full of struggles, the life of all muggles.

My college life ended this year and graduation is so near.

I am running out of rhymes but hear my one last chime.

The last I shall tell you, I am happy you have read this through.

Have a Merry New year

and Happy Reading!

When they Rant

The students in my university, including me, are not proactive people. We are quite relaxed and satisfied in our lives. We do not talk about politics, philosophy, or how terrible our country is but when we do, someone would make a funny remark and we all take these terrible things as a huge joke. Thus, the lack of intellectual discussion is supplied by our teachers, who try to make every class informed about the issues of today and expect us to have a lively discussion about it. But, only a few students brave enough would express their opinions. Then, the teachers somehow use a magical spell to connect this at the module in hand.

Sometimes, they just want to rant and it is very uninspiring, to tell you.

the source of all rants of the knowledgeable

Our country is terrible. The ones in power are greedy, the weather is abnormal, people are shockingly dying and China is taking over the world. I may be ignorant about the details but I know what state our country is just by observing the streets and looking at the sky. My teachers disapprove of this meager knowledge. They want us to know more and they are usually horrible things, as if I didn’t know that the world is horrible enough. It’s weird how they try to instill us the problems of the country. Do they simply want to tell us that we’re an ignorant generation? Do they want us to move and do something? Is it totally important in today’s lesson?

For example:

Teacher: Do you guys even know what’s happening to our country?

Student: ….

Teacher: We’re not the least improving and we’re continuing to decline. The poor is getting poorer and the authorities are getting richer. Our president is doing nothing. He is stupid. He bullies and scolds people of strong yet irrelevant accusations and make a big deal about it by making public speeches on international TV. Instead of dodging complaints and answering back he should focus to the problems of the country.

Student: …

Teacher: He appears nice and clean but actually wears a mask to hide his hideous deeds. That’s why I appreciate the previous administration so much. Our former president addressed the problems that the president before her term left. But our president today! He never addressed the problems. He always points it back to the previous administration. Where’s the responsibility in there?

Student: …

Teacher: Maybe I’m bitter but guys, these are heavy problems. You should be knowledgeable of what’s going around you. China has bought us and you might not even know about it. Guys, read and watch the news. Research. The people you’re putting up the high seats are being idiots.

Student: Yes sir.

Teacher: It’s time. We’ll continue today’s lesson about the social system of the Philippines under the Spanish era. Here’s your homework.


Next subject:

Teacher: *repeat* *replace the ‘president’ into ‘the university’s system.’*

It won’t make sense but you get the idea anyway. I hope.

When a teacher tells us the truths of today, he is already giving his opinion of it. When it’s about a car crash leaving a hundred dead or the president being stupid again, it’s saying that life is unfair and hard. When it’s about child pushing a cart full of books to teach the poor to read and write, it’s telling us to take this as a lesson and feel happy about life. I prefer the latter. It inspires me (and makes my heart jump), at the same time, tells me that life is unfair and hard but we could do something about it. I don’t understand why teachers prefer the bad news when it only makes us glum. I like hearing the news but I do not want to share their angst and hate. It must be why, whenever I hear bad news, my attention span droops a hundred and I instead doodle pictures of the sun and trees and people not being violent to each other.

I am probably ranting right now.

I am not against news or negativity. Pessimism and optimism balances our decisions in life and checks all dimensions for correct reasoning and a sound perception. What I have observed is that the good stories are being hidden by the bad and the bad stories do not longer give me a lesson like when I was a kid. There are bad stories that are simply there and sometimes, they do not really have a lesson. Some may feel the urge for change but it isn’t less different to inspiring stories. Somehow, the bad is emphasized than the good and if it is told everyday as an example for today’s module, I am not sure if it is told for the desire for change but instead, an opportunity to rant and complain, especially about issues they couldn’t do anything about.

If you have any inspiring stories, do tell me. I’d be more than happy to listen to them.