Monthly Wrap-Up: Feb 2016

Yo guys. I’ve been offline these past few weeks because of work and I’m afraid it’ll go on for a long while. Don’t worry, I’ll do my best to read your posts and hoard more books in my TBR in the process. It’s almost a compulsive thing so that shouldn’t be a problem.

This Feb had been a busy, busy, busy month for me. Let’s list why:

I got a job. Gone were my days when I could simmer on my bed and fry my eyes facing my computer for 18 hours. I now work as Graphic Artist, though that’s overstretching the word. I layout and print stuff. I can now operate printers as huge as a door.

Chinese New Year @ Binondo. Besides getting a job, the next big event for me was actual working. And going outside. One of the requirements of my job is to take photos and my first big event was for Chinese New Year, where I get to travel around Binondo with a dragon (yey). The routine is, we visit different establishments and the dragon, along with two lions, does a dance inside. Despite the traffic, heat, and chaos, it was a very fulfilling job because I get to take a bunch of lively and colorful pictures.



Furusato: Japanese Night @ UP Diliman. I was invited to attend a Japanese culture festival at UP Diliman by a friend. The theme is Furusato, which means “Hometown.” We get to try out Calligraphy, dress in Yukata and try out Japanese cuisine.  Since the place was jump-packed we spent most of the time waiting in-line than doing any of the activities. It was still fun though and I get to roam a bit at UP at night.



Part-time Jobs. Hm. How do I summarize this. I have this ability to procrastinate work and things started to pile-up. The worse thing about it is that I get paid doing them and my lifestyle is just really, really, awfully bad. I won’t even hire myself. I have, like, four projects to finish, and God, do I need a change of life.

Now, the blog. As I said earlier, I haven’t been posting much lately. I do have reviews coming up for Rage and The Stranger, both books that boggled my mind a bit.

Here is I Adore Paper’s Feb summary:

Book Review: The Shadow of the Wind — A Book That Loves Books

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Valentine Reads

Weekly Shorts: Dreams, Connections and Love. A review of three, short animated films.

Film Friday: LAC Review Ghibli and Disney

I am also reading a lot of books. Guess what they are:

  • One was made into a best-selling fantasy/adventure video game. It’s a series of short stories starring this guy who kills monsters.
  • A book about time, from the same guy who wrote that novel about a  old man and the other one with the dead guy who meets five people in heaven
  • A robot who is shunned by society. While fixing her foot, she meets a prince.
  • Technology. A seemingly peaceful town. A witch. 3 letters.

So, how was your Feb guys? Anything interesting going on?