Judging Fifty Shades of Grey By Its Cover

50 Shades of Grey, as we all know, is the worldwide best-selling erotica that made E.L. James an instant millionaire and inspired complex debates of whether it was the funniest book ever made or the most insulting, disgusting, and insensitive book of the 20th century. FSOG, as we all know once more, details the love story of the meek Anastasia Steele and her relationship with the mysterious Christian Grey, who brings her to the world of classical music, chains, butt slapping, and divine orange juices, otherwise known as BDSM, atleast in 50 Shades lore.

But we’re not going to talk about how funnily awful or awfully funny (depends on your perspective) this book is. Instead, we’ll talk about the iconic covers of FSOG.¬† Continue reading