“Do You Want To Play A Game?”

My sister and I have been recently watching the Saw. I know, I know, you’re thinking how sick bastards we are. I personally dislike violence and torture. I personally dislike the taste of ginger too, if you want a comparison. And yet, surprisingly, I managed to watch the SAW series without groaning in disappointment. I shall now tell you the reason why.

I’ve watched four of the films so far so please, no spoilers for the fifth to seventh film. This post will contain spoilers for the first three movies. 


Two men chained in a bathroom. Only one must survive.

The first Saw movie! It’s noticeable that the film didn’t have a huge budget but it didn’t make it any less shocking. I was genuinely surprised about it because I was expecting nothing but blood and violence. It was not. It had dynamic characters, huge plot twists, and mad rock music. More than anything else, Saw is a suspense-thriller that keeps you at the edge of your seat.

Saw II

A police detective and his son play a dangerous game.

The second movie is as surprising and exciting as the first movie. It is also far more stupid and unreasonable but we could blame it to the film’s typical madness so it’s okay… and not. The show seems to push its characters in depravity even more and it all feels unreal because we don’t even get to know their stories. But who the fuck am I kidding? This show does what it exactly does best and that is to murder people in the most creative ways.  It isn’t like Saw wanted to be the next Se7en or Silence of the Lambs but imagine Saw without the explicit violence. Imagine Saw with deep characters, existential dialogues, quotes from dead atheists, Bible passages, classical music and beautiful cinematography.

Well fuck that.

We have two games this time, one a-la Battle Royale and the other a psychological battle where two people simply talk. We see more effort on the blood and cringe-worthy violence which, I believe, is included as fanservice for torture fanatics. The first Saw movie, if I may add, was not initially intended as a torture-porn but, since people liked the blood and guts, they decided to spice that part a bit in the sequel. I could stand torture as long as I don’t see it so I had to close my eyes, like, a lot and just listen to the screams of people dying horrible deaths. That’s almost not watching  the whole movie but I value my peace of my mind so it wasn’t so bad.

The second film definitely improves its story whilst the first Saw movie was just a bunch of characters who have no idea what’s going on…. that’s pretty much the premise of the second movie too but we get more background info about Jigsaw. We also get interesting dynamics between our current living protagonist Eric Matthews and our literally sick psycho. I mean, they’re conversations are pretty much like this:

Jigsaw: *whispers* Let’s talk in a composed, quiet manne–



A nurse must keep Jigsaw alive as he teaches a man a lesson about forgiveness

Now, if SAW IV did not exist, SAW III could make one hella of a finale. So it rather makes me sad that they had to add four more sequels to earn more money, when really, they could have stop right here. By all means, SAW is no masterpiece, but it’s an entertaining film that is as wild as a Mad Max movie and as dark as an episode of Death Note. Perhaps my comparisons are rather farfetched, but it is a crazy ride and it’s been awhile since I felt so overwhelmed with a horror movie before. The last horror film that shocked me was the Higurashi series. It has the same twists I love about SAW and the bloody gore that comes close to insanity. It even has amazing character development.

SAW III is the Higurashi of the series. It fixed all the problems I have with the first two SAW movies. It has character development and it has a better budget. Every character shined here and Jigsaw’s lesson-of-the-day was surprisingly heartfelt as we see the characters grow both better and worse. And the twists! SAW is not SAW without the whirlwind of twists that comes crashing down in the last three minutes of the movie.

Have you watched the SAW series? What did you think about it? Leave a comment below and let’s talk about this crazy film~


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