QPQ, Chesca | What Are Your Writing Habits?

Hi guys, I’m adding a new feature/discussion post that I’ll be calling Quid Pro Quo, Chesca, where we basically share stories to one another. If you have watched Silence of the Lambs, you would know the infamous line Quid pro quo, doctor spoken by Clarice as she amd Hannibal Lecter exchange information to catch a serial-killer. Mind you that this segment is free of serial killers or cannibals so please don’t think I’d suddenly skin you alive or something.


Now, let’s get on to the topic of discussion. Writing habits. Writing is perhaps the easiest job of all time and, at the same time, the most difficult. It doesn’t require too much movement, and you don’t need to spend money putting your pen on paper or typing a sentence on your word processor. It’s basically do or not and we form habits along the way. It may be because writing is so darn hard you got to do something else every hour or so. Or perhaps you do something to warm you up before grinding through words and paragraphs. 

I am personally a restless person. If you tell me to keep still for ten minutes doing absolutely nothing, I’ll start to fidget and feel itchy all over me. I could perfectly sit still with nothing but my thoughts of course but that would be asking me to sleep as well.

This becomes prevalent when I’m writing. For instance, it took me two days to write the Leonard Peacock review. In between typing and editing, I get up, grab the ice tray, and munch the ice I could pick up with my finger. A fact about me is that I chew ice when I am stressed or hungry, which happens every time I get home from work. If I could eat the whole darn freezer, I would. My ice munching habit gets more severe when I’m writing. At this moment, I just walked downstairs to our freezer to grab onto the ice tray again (there were no ice, apparently and now I am frustrated). If there is no ice, I eat cookies (no cookies today as well). I cook a short meal (that I did). I cook a full-course meal (that I also did). Sometimes, I aimlessly walk around the house to sort out my thoughts. I only do these things when I’m alone. It’s a different matter when my sister and cousins are home and they usually make me ditch writing all together and cook fries or something.


jesus christ

So what do you do while you write?

What do you do at the moment you face your screen and decide ‘I am so writing something funny today.’ Do the words quickly flow at the tip of your fingers? Do you get a drink of milk first? Do you do cartwheels every ten minutes? Share your experiences below!


7 thoughts on “QPQ, Chesca | What Are Your Writing Habits?

  1. Hmmm … I never thought about my writing habits before, but I guess there are some. I absolutely cannot stand silence, however, when I am in an intense scene or need to concentrate, I will put the music on hold because I can’t focus otherwise. Also, the music always has to fit the mood or my scene will take an odd turn in terms of emotion portrayed.

  2. Oh this is such a great post 🙂 when I’m writing a blog post, I can write it everywhere or anywhere, surrounded with noise from the tv, music, if I’m in my idea, I will keep writing until I get the words down. If I’m writing fiction though, I kind of like to work in silence, or/and with musical background to fit what I am writing as well 😀

    • I love natural noises as my music. Anything with lyrics makes me woozy. Perhaps listening to music is a better option than grabbing anything I could eat while writing. Lol.

  3. Barbie Clarch says:

    I wake up, get a cup of coffee, and start typing, even if it’s guaranteed to be shit. I take a break for lunch, and then go to a coffee shop if I need a change of scenery. When I stop at 5 I pour myself a giant glass of Chardonnay. I used to be ashamed at how boring this sounds, but as the kids are saying nowadays I guess I have run out of fucks to give. Doing it your way is the only way to be, so cheers to you and your ice!

    • A trip to the coffee shop sounds so fantastic. I did try mixing coffee shops and writing together one time, and I ended up spending more on eating sweets than writing. It separates me from our freezer though, so this practice has its advantages hahaha

      I think pouring yourself a glass of Chardonnay is sooo classy 😉

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