Four of the Hottest Lines from A Court of Mist and Fury

A Court of Mist and Fury is the second book of  A Court of Thorns and Roses trilogy (or saga? I don’t know), a series filled with violence, sex, and common teenage struggles such as animal slaughter and kidnapping. As I browse the pages of the book for my upcoming ACOTAR post, I saw lines I have never seen before and reread lines I was glad to read once more. As a refresher course for my ACOTAR (and sequel) rant and rave, I decided to write down four quotes from the sequel that are so hot, it’ll boil your brain and make you rethink about life. 


This is the first of the many purring this book will unleash. Better yet, Rhysand does it and it makes me wonder if the most beautiful fairy in the universe ate live cats for breakfast. I’m pretty sure he does.

I deigned to glance at him, brows raised.

“Delicious,” he purred.

“That’s enough from you,” Rhysand purred—the sound like velvet over sharpest steel. 

“Ladies,” Rhysand purred—a silent order.

When I tried purring myself, it came out totally weird, not like the sound of velvet over sharpest steel, but simply weird. When it comes to speech and purring, my brain could only imagine Nathan Lane voicing Snowbell from Stuart Little. He purrs. He’s a cat. He talks. But it definitely doesn’t come out as sexy. Maybe a bit, yeah. But no.



I understand imagery could get pretty over-the-top, especially when it comes to romance. A normal, average stare could be as intense as a supernova and a kiss, that one especially, could probably burn loins and rainforests all the same. Sometimes it works, especially when the characters’s dynamics work well. Rainbow Rowell does this a lot, which involves disintegrating and melting if you want me to be explicit, and it works because we see how her characters’s relationship grow. And sometimes it doesn’t, like this one here. And why doesn’t it work? Because people don’t normally think like this when they’re infatuated with another person. Maas doesn’t really capture that moment when two people are inlove and they just goofily smile at each other. Instead, she elaborates how this guy smiles and how this girl blinks but without feeling. Silken sheets, jasmine, and midnight sounds like she wants to get laid or something.



This line is told by Mor while Rhysand and the gang are sharing their angsty stories together. Mor is suppose to be so powerful of a fairy that when she reaches her maturity, she turns into a super fairy. Because of this, bachelors claw at her and her parents practically sells her to any man of power so she could bear children and raise their family’s title. This is a disturbing story that the book rushes to explain and then thought it a good idea to add that line over there to show us the extent of Mor’s power. I was reading this line on my way to work and I couldn’t stop myself from chortling that people started glancing at me. I understand how earth-shaking periods could be but this just comes out laughable.




What’s with this book and its fixation on mountains? Every time we need to see how powerful a person is in this novel, a mountain trembles. I don’t need to know that mountains shake and trees fall down to understand that a character is powerful. The book does this all the time. Power is portrayed through physical means. Fear is portrayed through a look. Passion is portrayed through climate change. The book tells a lot and at the same time, it does not.

And that’s the post for today! But this is just the warm-up for more ACOTAR bits. What are YOUR memorable ACOTAR/ACOMAF quotes?

I already mentioned earlier that I’ll be writing a rant and rave review about this series and it’s going to be massive. I have so much to say about this series so I would probably divide the post in two parts. If you want me to mention issues you have about this book, don’t be afraid to comment below or send me an email at and we could discuss it. I might mention it in my upcoming post too! Oh, and did I mention it’s my birthday today? Who cares anyway? ha. ha. ha.


6 thoughts on “Four of the Hottest Lines from A Court of Mist and Fury

      • You’re welcome! Ooh that sounds *very* promising- I’ll check it out- I was on the fence till now- but you’ve confirmed what I suspected might end up happening (cos I wasn’t so sure about Throne of Glass, but the series definitely got better for me after book 1- so I hoped this would be the same 🙂 )

  1. Happy Birthday!!! Cheers to a year filled with books, lists of books, reviews of books, bookstores, libraries, bookish friends and everything else that makes you happy 🙂 Also, I have not read this book but you write so well – your review had me laughing hysterically especially the purring bit 😉 Love it!

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