Top Ten Valentine Reads

It’s Valentines Day! How freaking exciting. So, for this week’s Top Ten Tuesdays, we’re having a Valentine-themed post. Here are a few books I’ve read that would be perfect Valentines reads, whether you’re celebrating it with your special someone or alone.

15745753Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. Eleanor and Park is the perfect contemporary romance lit that captures first love and first heartaches.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. If you’re in-search of any romance reads, I couldn’t recommend Rainbow Rowell enough. Fangirl isn’t just a love story though. It’s about an awkward girl trying to come out of her shell with romance as a special plus. It’s still a fun, light-hearted read with lots of cute bits.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. It’s Pride and Prejudice.

Momoiro Heaven by Mari Yoshino. It’s about a highschool student who writes erotica to provide for her family’s needs. She is discovered by this gorgeous guy who’ll tell her out unless she becomes his slave. One of the few Shoujo manga I managed to read. The jokes are good, we have erotica, and the guy doesn’t act like a cold-blooded vampire, so why not?

110095The Gentleman Series. A Pride and Prejudice fanfic from Darcy’s perspective. It’s pretty crazy with a Gothic murder-mystery (of a pig) by the second book to keep you glued to your feet (and your eyebrows bursting out of your forehead). There’s romance of course but with lots of Darcy that you’d almost get sick of him.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. A tragic tale of two lovers representing the American Dream. If you think you are representing the American Dream, then there’s no better book than The Great Gatsby. Hey, not everyone could represent the American Dream but if you’re not, then why not read it as a book about rich people committing adultery. Lovely.

Gerald’s Game by Stephen King. A sexy read about a woman who accidentally kills her husband while handcuffed to a bed during a bondage game. I couldn’t recommend this enough.

30597The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo. There’s a hunchback, a stalker priest, the beautiful Esmeralda and a lot of poor people. The romance could get pretty intense as well.

Things my Girlfriend and I Argue About by Mil Milington. It’s about the adventures of this guy and his girlfriend and their daily life of arguing about tomatoes, trousers, remote controls and potted plants. Real fun.

Fifty Shades of Mr. Darcy by William Codpiece Thwackery. A 50 Shades AND a P&P parody. A hot book about hot people. And it has a lot of hot lines you could use every now and then. “I do not make love, (your special someone’s name). I bonk. I have it off. I get my end way, I rodger, I boff.” That would get the heat going.


16 thoughts on “Top Ten Valentine Reads

  1. Rainbow Rowell and jane Austen — awesome! I never thought of a Stephen King book as a Valentines read… and I haven’t read Gerald’s Game, but maybe I should!

  2. Wait, one could actually get sick of Darcy? That’s unheard of. :p
    I might have to read a couple of P&P fanfic and retelling for Valentine’s day to cure my cold unromantic heart. (I love P&P though so that’s gotta count for something right?)

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