Psychos, Girls, Clubs, and Oranges

Film Friday is where I post short reviews of movies and why you should try them out! Today’s feature are the most messed-up films that I have ever watched. The cons are primarily about the said movie being messed-up. They are certainly un-family-friendly, unless you and your kids find watching sex and violence altogether an instructive experience, then we’re cool.

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SYNOPSIS: Before becoming the dark knight, Bruce Wayne is bigshot businessman by day, a sadistic murderer by night.

Actually a pretty film to look at. In retrospect, all films in this list have good aesthetics. For American Psycho, we are brought to the heights of the American dream. Posh condos, trendy restaurants, slick designer suits and cream-colored business cards and for Patrick Bateman, his daily routine follows strict observance to his vanity from his morning necessities to his midnight flings. All is bright and shiny at day but we see hints of a more sinister nature as the film progresses. The violence is only subtly hinted and not like those disgusting gore-fest films, despite what the title implies, it has a message in mind. It was a crazy, humorous and thoughtful look of, not of human nature’s violent monstrosities, but our obsession to material things and ourselves and the shallowness of that culture. Plus, Christian Bale is just an amazing mad guy here and you’ll find yourself disgusted and fascinated at him, all at the same time.


GONE GIRL (2014)

SYNOPSIS: Nick Dunn managed to lost his wife in their anniversary. People start to hate him for it.

Directed by David Fincher (Se7en, Fight Club, The Social Network), Gone Girl touches marriage and the media circus in a twisted sort of way. The film itself is grim-looking. It looks as if it’s about to get swallowed by shadows and interestingly, the effect is often used in showing Nick and Amy’s happier relationship as a couple. While I could ramble about its themes, all my praises go to the amazing portrayals of Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike as Nick and Amy respectively, who added much intensity to their roles. A film that could have been utterly ridiculous, with Fincher’s style and the perfect cast, the experience is overall, breath-taking and just whoa.



SYNOPSIS: First rule of Fight Club: You do not talk about FIGHT CLUB. Second rule: You DO NOT talk about FIGHT CLUB. MAN RAAGEEE ARRRGGHH

Another David Fincher movie! If Gone Girl was intense in a quiet sort of way, Fight Club is your testosterone-filled, pumped-up action movie that will have you holding your breath most of the time. It stars Edward Norton as a weary-eyed white-collar who buys Ikea furniture and visits caregroups to fill up the empty hole in his heart. He later meets Brad Pitt and they develop this intimate relationship where they punch each other. The film touches materialism like American Psycho and has that gritty feel akin to Fincher’s style, but portrayed in extremes. I honestly thought the film was entirely ridiculous but I was hooked up to the end. 


SYNOPSIS: A film that promotes our healthy youthful communities and their inspiring services to the country.

A Clockwork of Orange was a film I hated so much at first, and grew to love and appreciate later. The impact hit me after a few days and I ended up rambling mindlessly about it.

The film portrays a futuristic Britain and the daily flings of Alex and his droogs, from beating beggars to raping women. It was a very difficult film to stomach and often times I have to pause for breaks and get myself a drink of water. Despite its dark themes, the film displays vibrant colors and light pastels plus powerful imagery that heavily contrasts to the violence involved in the scenes. It has various commentary about society, media, religion and so much more to ponder about.

How about you guys? Any movies you’ve recently watched and enjoyed? Seen any of these sick shows? I could use more of them (laughs awkwardly).


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