Top Ten Top Tens

Today’s Yesterday’s Top Ten Tuesdays could be anything under the sun, so I decided to put in.. other people’s Top Ten Tuesdays! After browsing over 200+ lists, I roughly estimated that 40% of book bloggers are procrastinators and 33% would kill themselves to read certain books this year. In short, we are sociopaths.

Most in the list consists of genre-specific books or simply a list of books that I more or less added to the bulk of my endless expanding To-Be Reads. I just want to have a booklist of booklists~

Click the titles to check out the list.

  1. If you like 5th Wave – 10 Tales of Alien Invasion @ Come Hither Books
  2. Top Ten Ancient Egyptian Books You Need to Read @ Darcy’s Book Blog
  3. Top Ten Fairytale Retellings I’ve Read and Want to Read @ Reading Every Night
  4. Favorite WWII Books @ Reading with Wrin
  5. Top Ten Gothic Novels I need to Read @ Angel Erin’s Book Obsession
  6. Top Ten Good Science Fiction @ Anthony Biondi | Must Read Sci-Fi @ Lynn’s Book Blog
  7. Alternate-History Mysteries @ By Singing Light
  8. My Favorite New Adult-Romances (and a Call for Recommendations) @ Writing my Own Fairytale
  9. Ten Recommendations For Lively Book Co-Ed Discussions @ Sarah’s Book Shelves
  10. Top Ten Graphic Novels/Memoirs Collection @ Musings of a Bookish Kitty

Also adding here:

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22 thoughts on “Top Ten Top Tens

  1. Thanks for linking back to my TTT this week. I love this idea for freebie week as well, it so unique but it must have taken you ages to search through all the TTT posts from yesterday.
    I’ll definitely have to check out the other posts you linked to, some of them sound really interesting 😀

    • Yes it is! I loved your middle-grade picks. I don’t remember reading one when I was younger so I’m thinking of catching up. Found a bunch of lists to bookmark. The year’s just beginning and I’m already full of books to keep in mind.

  2. Hilarious diagnostic on book bloggers, so true though, lol. Loving your list! and thanks for adding my link – France.
    Netgalley is an awesome tool…. for us sociopaths.
    And I discovered I can get books in FRench with, so sound slike my diagnostic is pretty bad, lol
    There’s also Edelweiss, for some books that are not available on Netgalley

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