Saving Matt Damon, Alaskian Weather Blues, A Mafia Drama, Sherception

Film Friday is where I post short reviews of movies and why you ought to try them out! I love watching films and talk about them on Facebook, so I decided to bring the hobby here. Not to mention I usually run out of stuff to post on weekends. This little meme of mine could fill up that hole since my sister and I tend to watch a lot of films.

Click the titles to check out more details about the movie.

SYNOPSIS: Man trapped in mars.

CONS: Another space movie.

PROS: Another space movie! The difference of The Martian from previous space movies is that it doesn’t make itself too heavy or complicated. It has a sense of humor, in short, and it was refreshing to see a space/adventure film that doesn’t take itself too seriously, in a depressing sort of way.

The MC is smart (all the characters are smart, in retrospect) and it was fun watching him talk to himself and plant a bunch of potatoes in Mars. The film still has its sadder moments but everything balances out that you’ll still feel good afterwards and that’s a huge plus for me in films I watch.

SYNOPSIS: A young woman is murdered. A reputable cop tries to solve the case. Bad things happen.

 Directed by Christopher Nolan (Interstellar, The Dark Knight) and starring Al Pacino (The Godfather) and Robin Williams (it’s Robin Williams, people), it was certainly a movie I got to watch. I also recently watched a video about Robin William’s projection on camera so I had a good fun studying his movements in each take. In this film, his character is calm and meek and unlike other films of his I watched, he doesn’t move a lot and uses a quiet voice that makes you lean closer and listen to what he says. Many times, I find myself shaking my head and thinking, ‘How could this man possibly kill people? I could be this guy!’

Gripping psychological thriller with wonderful performances from the actors. It’s less of a murder mystery but more of the MC’s struggle on morality. Recommended if you liked Silence of the Lambs or Se7en, and if you like watching Robin Williams, then this is another film where he totally nails it.

SYNOPSIS: Bloody mafias. Al Pacino as an anti-hero. More bloody mafias. It doesn’t really have a story.

CONS: Has a slow, casual pace that may not appeal to many. Polarizing film as the MC gradually spirals down into darkness.

PROS: The catchy dialogues, careful direction, quiet yet intense story. The film is mostly just people tossing dialogues back and forth but Coppola make even that interesting and worth it–no scene is wasted in this movie– each says a lot about the characters, their motivations, their culture but not without tossing a bit of irony like the wedding and baptism sequences. The silent moments are often the most powerful scenes of the movie.

Amazing performances from the actors, though the direction has a big hand into that. Coppola knew how use his people and mix the right tempos, giving us a surprisingly emotional thriller. THE ABOMINABLE BRIDE (2015)

SYNOPSIS: A ghastly bride murders people.

CONS: Plot was needlessly complicated and the feminist message at the end was a bit overboard (shudders). Alienating. Lost the essence of the original books.

PROS:  It was fun! The characters are back, the dialogues are superb, the humor witty and meta, and the cinematography is quirky and visually interesting. Huge character developments for Sherlock, Watson and Mycroft and you’ll simply enjoy watching them banter each other with funny lines. I can’t say you could watch it as a stand-alone movie because of the references thrown here and there but it’s definitely a watch for those who followed the series.

How about you guys? Any movies you’ve recently watched and enjoyed?


5 thoughts on “Saving Matt Damon, Alaskian Weather Blues, A Mafia Drama, Sherception

  1. I like “Sherception”. When Mycroft called Moriarty “the virus in the data” I turned to my husband and said, “Oh god, they’re doing Inception!”
    I happen to really love Inception, but I wasn’t sure how well it worked here. And yes, the feminist bit at the end seemed a little patronizing.
    But overall, great fun! To be honest, I’d just watch an hour and a half of Sherlock and Watson sitting in that glasshouse chatting 🙂

  2. haha love this! I guess the pros and cons of The Martian are it’s “another space movie”. I absolutely loved the godfather- and if you liked it can really recommend the second one cos that’s even better! Al Pacino is phenomenal in it, as is De Nero

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