Top Ten Bookish Resolutions I have this 2016

More like Top Ten Bookish Resolutions I have this 2016 that I will not follow. I quit making resolutions for the reason that I forget I made them the next day. Since I am writing this in a blog and the whole world is my witness, I will strive to resolve these resolutions and you shall be my judges. By the end of the year, I will post the same list again and we’ll see if something happened or not. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

  1. Goodreads reading challenge. I challenged myself to read 50 books this year. That’s 25+ books compared to last year, but I want to focus on short, stand-alone books and expand my author’s list.
  2. Buy local comics. There’s a lot of amazing Filipino artists I still need to discover.
  3. Classics Challenge.
  4. Write the freaking novel. I’m writing a novel! And I’m trying not to talk about it (except in Goodreads)! Buzzwords are time-travel and trains. And trees! Yey!
  5. Blog. Perhaps the hardest one in this list.
  6. Write the Dark Tower review. The last book of the series that I should have reviewed last year. I have forgotten the face of my father.
  7. Write a big, big article atleast once a month. Big, as in well-researched, long-ish essays. May it be the growing trends in YA (that’s a bit overused huh) or stereotypes we want to bring up.
  8. Connect to people. Also hard. I’m not a very sociable person.
  9. Get a library card and go to a library. Yes. I do not have a library card. I do not go to libraries. I have reasons but they shouldn’t stop me. Someday, I will blog about my first, serious trip to the library (my library visits are often not serious) and I will feel happy whenever I see my post.
  10. I will video myself doing a parkour if I do not succeed. If I do, then I will not do a parkour; I will make you guys a caricature for free. Just comment below and the pact shall be done.

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6 thoughts on “Top Ten Bookish Resolutions I have this 2016

    • I think I’ve only borrowed books in the library twice in my life (at our school library, which was an excuse of a library). I earned a fine the second time and I stopped borrowing stuff since then.

      Thanks for stopping by! Happy reading~

    • It’s one of the reasons why I do not take library visits seriously. The books are smelly, mass produced paperbacks and they look like rags than books sighhh. I need to find a good library.

      I joined Nano years ago and failed to keep track on it. Maybe I should pay a visit again..?

      Goodluck with your book! What is it about?

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