“2015”, I ponder as I face my computer screen

I’m joining the rush of the year-end. Now what did happen that I must extend?

This year was a turmoil of long books and series. I discovered Hobb and King– got swept with their epics.


I found myself returning to Sir Pratchett and the Miss Grimes, whose books I cherished for a good long time.

I read 29 novels, all 15, 640 pages. The Stand was the longest, reading it was my conquest.


I challenged myself to read 25 books. The last time I checked, I’ve finished 29 books.


I started blogging again, a bit of a time, until I decided to make it a lasting lifetime.


I did something meta

I started writing a story, of a girl without glory. She walks on the streets, selling flowers so she could eat.


art by Rommel Joson

It was a year full of struggles, the life of all muggles.

My college life ended this year and graduation is so near.

I am running out of rhymes but hear my one last chime.

The last I shall tell you, I am happy you have read this through.

Have a Merry New year

and Happy Reading!


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